About the RSM initiative

People need a support system to change their world. The RSM intiative (RSMi) is an ecosystem that leverages peoples creativity, innovation, enterprise and unique skill sets.The RSMi, funds, trains, supports, up-skills, equips and connect our team via a support network which connect to entities who leverage our efforts. RSMi is innovative, simple, sustainable and effective. We seek to reduce poverty, end discrimination, redeem social conditions, alter mindsets and boost health and hygiene in our world. RSMi is a prudent program.That's why we are slow, small and sure. Everyone has a story. Ours is to help you rewrite yours. So that each of our legacies are worth emulating. Heck! It's the new normal, right? We are on the cusp of a revolution. We need you. When we go live, hope you can join us.

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Under Construction. We swear we're live soon.

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Kumbasville, Wapenamanda District, Enga Province. Papua New Guinea.